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SPADENT - Day spa services and packages

Spa Packages and Spa Services

SPADENT offers a combination of spa services to clients who seek a perfect day spa package. Our packages, available for clients throughout the United States, are designed to create a sensational experience for visitors.

SPADENT Spa Packages
SPADENT Spectacular Package
Totally Teeth and Tan Package
My Wedding the SPADENT Way
It's a SPADENT Day... My Way
  SPADENT Signature Spa Services
Enchanted Life Massage
Walk in the Clouds Foot Massage
Relax In Wax

SPADENT spectacular day spa package
Relax... and enjoy Preventative Dental Care the SPADENT WAY. This dental day spa package includes:

If you are interested in this day spa package, please feel free to contact SPADENT about the spa packages available for clients to schedule a consultation.

Dental Prophylaxis: (Our term for a “teeth cleaning”…technical stuff.)   $60 $12
Comprehensive Examination: (We check it all…you can be sure.)   $36 $10
Digital Dental Radiographs: (If needed we will take x-ray pictures of your teeth in an amazing 10 seconds…fast and safe.)   $80 $30
ONE signature service: Enchanted Life Massage, Walk in the Clouds Foot Massage, Relax & Wax.   $18 $18



ONLY $114! - Regular - $206, You Save - $92

If you are interested in this day spa package, please feel free to contact SPADENT to schedule a consultation.

Totally teeth and tan package - day spa package
Our dynamite totally teeth and tan day spa package, available for clients, will blow you away. This great SPADENT signature service will make your teeth their diamond brightest white (avg.10 shades) with Zoom, and your tan its bronze best with our SPADENT six second, booth. Who would have thought that you could have teeth whitening done the same day you went to a salon? This day spa package will give you explosive results!

For further information on the totally teeth and tan spa package or any of our other day spa packages, contact us.

my wedding - day spa package
Are you prepared to hear wedding bells ring? SPADENT will help you feel fabulous for your special day. No person should walk down the aisle without smooth satin skin, a distinctive and elegant hairstyle and a healthy, bright, white smile!
Day spa package includes:

A SPADENT Smile Screening using an intraoral camera and high-tech cosmetic imaging. This visit should occur at least 2 weeks before your wedding day.   $22 $22
A SPADENT Style Screening with our terrific team of SPADENT stylists of help the bride and groom find the style that suits them best for their special day. This visit should occur at least 1 week before your wedding day.   $13 $13
Any spa service you fancy...Available any day before or on the day of your wedding.   SAVE 10%
Choose any salon service…Available any day before or on the day of your wedding.   SAVE 10%


SPADENT understands how important your wedding day is; that is why we believe in offering the best spa services to assist our clients with the biggest day of their lives! Brides and Grooms can select a day spa package and visit us throughout the U.S. for teeth whitening, facials, massages, and .

day spa package
This exciting package offers you a choice of three day spa, salon or dental services completed in one day...a very special 15 percent off regular fees "just because" you chose to spend so much of your day with us. It is our way of thanking you for trusting SPADENT to serve your day spa, salon and dental needs. SAVE 15 percent.

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SPADENT signature spa services

SPADENT believes in offering a calm environment to our clients in search of enhanced health and an enriched life. Our day spa packages are some of the many services we offer to clients who come to see us. Let SPADENT be your day spa of choice.

spa services  - enchanted lift massage
A 10-minute neck, shoulder and face massage especially for you. This SPADENT™ signature day spa service revitalizes, renews and's free with the purchase of any SPADENT™ day spa, salon or dental service over $90. Enchanting!

spa services  - walk in the clouds foot massage
Healing massage gives your tired and aching feet the attention they deserve. Soothing touch is just a step away…The SPADENT™ way!

spa services  - relax in wax
SPADENT$trade; signature paraffin hand waxing feels heavenly and provides you the added benefit of soft, rejuvenated skin. Hands down sensational!

Step away for the day and join SPADENT by choosing any one of our day spa packages. Let your trip to our day spa and dental spa be an experience you have never had before.

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Contact us to schedule your trip to our day spa & to learn about our spa services and packages

Plan a transformative treat for you or someone you love. Contact SPADENT for information about spa services and packages to help relax your mind, body and soul. We have a day spa package that is right for every client.



Dental Spa

Clients seeking a smile makeover need look no further. Cosmetic dentistry procedures can be an uncomfortable experience, and SPADENT understands that. We have a unique dental spa for all of your dental needs. We believe that all of our guests should be comfortable and relaxed for their dental spa services, and we do our best to make sure they are!

Porcelain Veneers
Composite Resin Veneers
Cosmetic Recontouring
Cosmetic Bonding to Close Spaces
Porcelain Crowns

Masters of the Art of Dentistry
Cosmetic vs. General Dentistry


Beauty Salon

Visitors come to our salon to experience its serene ambiance. A beauty salon does not always offer the complete rest and relaxation perks that we do at SPADENT. To learn more about the salon services we offer, please click on one of the links below:

Eyebrow Waxing
Cut, Color, Style
Hair Cut

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day spa services & packages  - massages
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