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Hair Salon and Beauty Salon

SPADENT beauty and hair salon is committed to meeting the needs of our clients. Our hair salon believes in the importance of feeling confident and comfortable with one's self. Discover a day spa that assures you receive quality service and personal care. Clients throughout the U.S. are welcomed to join our hair and beauty salon clients who have already experienced the secret to ultimate elegance. Enough with bad experiences at a beauty or hair salon! Visit a salon where you are treated sensationally!

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  Hair Care Services
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Hair Cut

beauty salon  - facial services

Beauty Salon - Quality Treatments

Lasting Looks (eyebrow waxing)

Eyebrow waxing at our hair salon will provide that additional level of sophistication to your look.

Image Impact (makeover)

Professional makeup application for the movie star in you. Look forward to coming attractiveness!

Our SPADENT hair and beauty salon team understands that our clients visit us for new, ravishing makeovers to their appearance. If you are interested in facial, spa, or beauty services - your search for a beauty salon is over! SPADENT is your one-stop shop for hair, smile and body care. Our clients can stop their search for exquisite beauty salon and facial services once they have experienced SPADENT's quality care.

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Nail services at our beauty salon

Beauty Salon Clients

Heavenly Hands (manicure)

We will work miracles on your hands and nails

Precious Steps (pedicure)

Treat your feet. Some TLC for your VIP feet.

Beautiful, soft feeling hands and feet are a great indulgence everyone should be able to feel. Pedicures and manicures are a couple of the many relaxing services clients can find at our beauty salon. Clients interested in having SPADENT serve you, please feel free to contact our day spa today. Join our locals who have ended their search for a beauty salon.

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hair salon  - hair care services

The Search for Hair Salon is Over

SPADENT has a hair salon to serve all of your hair care needs. Your search for a hair salon in a beautiful, calm atmosphere is over.

Endless Color (tints)

Sensational color for your hair that lasts...and looks amazing.

Luminous Lustre (highlights)

Highlights that excite. Lasting and luxurious.

Infinite Waves (perm)

An ocean of waves to create that unique look perm.

Sparkling Styles

A style designed for the new you. Our style technician will show you how dazzling your look can be. Set the trend - don't follow it!

Shimmering Shapes (cut, color, style)

Our style technician will define, shape, contour and architect a cut, color and style for an extreme transformation. Reveal the new you!

Stunningly Simple Cuts (haircut)

A cut that's right for you. No less than perfect.

For a hair salon with experienced hair technicians who are enthusiastic about helping guests enhance their beauty, please contact SPADENT today. Our hair salon attracts beauty salon clients all over the country. Find a hair salon with the ultimate in personalized service. You can combine SPADENT's hair salon services with other features at our dental and day spas. Learn more about our SPADENT spa packages here.

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dental spa

Dental, Hair, & Beauty Salon Convenience

The early days of dentistry certainly weren't glamorous-the 17th U.S. president was winning wars wearing wooden dentures and cavities were being treated with terrifying bowstring-powered drills-but they were convenient. In fact, in the 1700s, one could get a shave, haircut, and cavity filling all in one place: the dental spa. Now, these early dentistry attempts and treatments were poor and in most cases extremely undesirable, but those dentists/barbers were onto something. Knowingly or not, they were catering to one of their customers' top needs: convenience. By combining this means of convenience with efficiency, personal attention, and VIP treatment, SPADENT creates relaxing, rewarding, desirable beauty salon experiences for its guests-lifting the idea of "dental spa" to a whole new level. In taking this step "Back to the Future," our hair salon, SPADENT, is taking a giant leap forward for mankind. SPADENT will be a pioneer in the future where spa, dental, and salon service will be offered in a different way...the SPADENT way.

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SPADENT's hair and beauty salon is the destination of choice for clients seeking a dazzling transformation. Are you a neighbor from Akron, Cleveland or Youngstown? Indulge yourself in a style that's right for you - Contact us below:


Dental makeover - dental spa  - smile makeover

Dental Spa

Clients seeking a smile makeover need look no further. Cosmetic dentistry procedures can be an enjoyable experience, and SPADENT understands that. We have a unique dental spa located for all of your dentistry needs. We believe that all of our clients will appreciate the comfortable and relaxed environment our dental spa services afford, and we do our best to make sure of it!

Porcelain Veneers
Composite Resin Veneers
Cosmetic Recontouring
Cosmetic Bonding to Close Spaces
Porcelain Crowns

Masters of the Art of Dentistry
Cosmetic vs. General Dentistry

Spa services

Day Spa

SPADENT offers a variety of day spa services! Whether you are a seeking a hair transformation, , facials or a soothing massage, we will happily assist you. Learn about our spa packages and services. Our valued guests visit us from different parts of the Unites States.

Hot Stone Massage
Sports Massage
Foot Massage
Herbal Eye Mask
Paraffin Wax Treatments

Spa services
day spa services & packages  - massages
day spa services & packages  - massages
day spa services & packages  - paraffin hand wax
teeth whitening